Caring For Oily Skin

Caring For Oily Skin
Skin mirrors your lifestyle, so what you are doing to your skin now will reflect in 5 years, and even in 10 years! Looking after your skin will give you immediate gratification, and treating it as an asset will reap you long-term rewards!!

Beauty Watch, introduces a series of articles about skin and using aromatherapy in your skincare. Oily skin is our feature this month!

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~Natural skincare for Oily skin~

Pores: Open/ enlarged
Texture: Thick/ coarse appearance, but can feel smooth to touch
Sebaceous Activity: Overabundance of sebum (oil production)
Visual Analysis: face seems to have shiny film, and makeup can change colour or you need to touch up regularly to combat shine. Tendency to have blackheads in T-zone, face may or may not have blemishes and regular breakouts.

Pores: Open in T-zone
Texture: as for oily, may also have firm, smooth cheeks and forehead
Sebaceous Activity: Oily on T-zone (chin, nose and forehead), cheeks tend not to have as much oil flow, and even oily skin can have areas of dehydrated patches on cheeks and forehead
Visual Analysis: shiny forehead, nose and chin, with tendency for normal skin -dry skin around eyes, outer cheek area and neck, may be prone to blackheads and blemishes in T-zone.

Using aromatherapy oils is not only beneficial to skincare, but in a holistic sense to aid your well-being. They can alleviate all sorts of conditions when used in a burner, for massage, as a hot compress, steaming facial or in a bath.

When mixing your own Oily skin remedies, there is a good selection of essential oils to choose from:
· Cedarwood - good for acne conditions and oily skin
· Clary Sage - aids excessive sebum (skins oil) production and helps reduce inflammation
· Geranium - balancing effect on sebaceous (oil) glands
· Lavender - powerful regenerative oil, antibiotic, antiseptic, and promote the prevention of scarring
· Sandalwood - a very soothing and strengthening oil, contains antiseptic properties to help control bacteria, is excellent for acne, and works to reduce excessive sebum production
· Tea Tree - powerful antibacterial and antiseptic, good for acne conditions
· Ylang Ylang - helps balance sebum secretion, good for toning excessively oily skin.
Other oils to blend with that are beneficial to oily skin are: bergamot, chamomile (for its anti-inflammatory properties), grapefruit (beneficial to congested skin), lemon, lemongrass, mandarin, petitgrain (good for oily hair too), and violet (will be more expensive, but good for oily skin).

Grapeseed oil is an excellent base oil, which is great for oily skin.
Try mixing in some carrot oil, which has properties that aid scarring reduction, inflammation, and is rich in vitamins beneficial to the skin: A, B, C, D and E. You only need a small amount of carrot oil, so add it as part of your carrier oil (using too much over a long period can cause skin discolouration due to its natural carroty orange pigment:)
Jojoba oil works wonders for oily skin - protects and moisturises oily skin while it helps to balance sebum; it makes a good base oil for combination skins too.

*To minimise irritation when using aromatherapy in your skincare, it is recommended that a maximum of 50 drops of essential oil is added to 100ml of carrier oil. Some oils like tea tree and lemongrass need only 1 - 2% concentration if skin is sensitive.

Wearing makeup can be challenging if skin is excessively oily, so check out these two articles for makeup tips for oily skin :)
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Next months article in this "natural skincare" series looks @ tips for normal skin and mixing your own aromatherapy home remedies.

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