Clean Living Cookbook

Clean Living Cookbook

No matter how much exercise you work into your daily routine, you can't be in optimal condition if you're not eating right. With this in mind, Luke and Scott have created a collection of recipes that are easy to make, delicious to eat and, best of all, great for your overall wellbeing.

The paleo diet - also known as the 'caveman diet' - is based around the belief that you should only eat what you can catch, pick from a bush or forage for. Luke and Scott's first book, Clean Living, kick-started your new, paleo way of living and now the fully illustrated recipes in the Clean Living Cookbook give you all you need to fuel it.

So, cut out all those hard-to-digest grains andunnecessary sugars, and fill up on these delicious, nutrient-dense meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Luke Hines and Scott Gooding won the hearts of the Australian public with their healthy food revolution on the hit show My Kitchen Rules. Their paleolithic style of eating combined with their focus on keeping active has captivated the nation. Their first book, Clean Living, is their guide to being the best you can be and contains recipes and exercises. Clean Living Cookbook is their second book.

Clean Living Cookbook
Hachette Australia
Authors: Luke Hines and Scott Gooding
RRP: $29.99


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