The Beauty Chef's Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder

The Beauty Chef's Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder

The Beauty Chef's Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder

With the arrival of cold and flu season, there is no better time to help support your body's detoxification systems. The Beauty chef's CLEANSE inner Beauty Powder is a comprehensive super-greens supplement designed to help detox and purify your body on the inside, promoting smoother, clear skin on the outside.

The liver is an essential organ for detoxification and is responsible for processing and expelling toxins from the body. If your skin looks clogged or congested, chances are your liver is too. Ingredients in CLEANSE such as broccoli beetroot, kale, barley grass, St Mary's thistle and dandelion all contain crucial components that support the liver's detoxification pathways.

To further unlock the benefits of these power ingredients, the formula is fermented using The Beauty Chef's exclusive Flora Culture™ bio-fermentation process. A unique lactic-acid producing bacteria bio-activates and super charges the ingredients, making them more available to the body. The result: a broad-spectrum, natural probiotic that supports the cleansing of your liver and internal organs to promote healthy, radiant skin.

The CLEANSE Inner Beauty Powder can simply be added to your morning smoothie. The supplement can be taken daily to constantly support your body's natural detoxification process, or as a larger more intense serving as part of The Beauty Chef's 14 day cleanse program.

Review: The Beauty Chef's Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder has been on my to-try list for quite a long time because I have devoured most of the recipes in The Beauty Chef cookbook, numerous times.

The Beauty Chef's Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder is basically a super-greens powder which can be added to smoothies, acai bowls or just a spoonful in a glass of water (or even more delicious, coconut water). Unlike other super-greens powders I've tried, The Beauty Chef's Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder doesn't need to be hidden in food as it tastes surprisingly delicious (most taste how they look – foul)! The Beauty Chef's Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder almost tastes like berries – it's very weird seeing as it's so green yet tastes sweet.

It's no secret I am a Carla Oates fan and adore her philosophy: 'Beauty Begins In The Belly' and even though I eat a low gluten and no-dairy diet, I noticed that upon consuming the Beauty Chef's Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder, daily, that my digestion improved further and I wasn't as bloated (even after mistakenly eating my partners nut-mix which was salted).

Due to the horrible Melbourne weather and 24/7 heater requirement my skin was looking very drab and feeling awfully dry and the introduction of this powder hydrated my skin, really well; plus it encouraged an extra glass of water, a day. I'm super sold on this product… next on my to-try list is the Glow Advanced Inner Beauty Powder.
- Brooke Hunter

Carla Oates, the Beauty Chef Founder and CEO's top tips for an effective cleanse:

1. Drink lots of water: When it comes to cleansing your body, nothing flushes your system as effectively as good old H20 – just make sure it's pure and filtered so you're not replacing one toxin with another. By adding a squeeze of alkalizing fresh lemon to warm water in the mornings, you'll not only kick-start your metabolism for the day but also help cleanse your liver, too.

2. Streamline your diet: Beauty begins in the belly and a great way to cleanse your body is to eliminate processed food, wheat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, yeast, processed meats and sugar for at least a week or two (and if possible reduce consumption ongoing for better health and wellbeing.) Instead only eat fresh veg (steamed, raw , lightly stir fried in coconut oil), fresh nuts and seeds as well as lean protein. Eat lactofermented foods like those found in The Beauty Chef products.

3. Support the cleansing process: When you cleanse, you are primarily cleansing your liver, kidneys and skin, as these organs are responsible for eliminating metabolic waste from the body. Eating lots of greens and bitter herbs and vegetables is a great way to assist your body's natural detoxification process. Stock up on cruciferous veggies too, including cabbage, broccoli and kale as they are rich in cleansing, sulphur containing compounds. To maximize your cleanse and give your body extra support, you need to take a supplement that contains cleansing herbs, liver-supporting ingredients and natural probiotics – which is why I created CLEANSE Inner Beauty Powder. It contains cleansing herbs, vitamins, minerals fibre and natural prebiotics and probiotics to support both your liver and immune health, nourish your body from the inside and put you on the path to clear and radiant skin.


CLEANSE Inner Beauty Powder
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