Create Prosperity: a guided journey

Create Prosperity: a guided journey

At last - a guide on how to use the powerful and highly effective personal development tool, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), to apply the Law of Attraction and get results.

Create Prosperity: a guided journey, Margaret's second book, explores the practical steps that can be taken to apply universal principles in daily life: it is essentially the 'how to' of enlightened living. The book explains how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques to release negative thinking and behaviours as well as to anchor the positive messages that are suggested throughout. EFT is easy to use and offers a readily available tool for the ongoing practice of newly established thought patterns.

Margaret explains, "Thousands of people around the world have absorbed the message that is conveyed in The Secret but are frustrated that they are not getting the results they had hoped for. The reason for this is that it is rather more difficult than imagined to stay focussed on the positive because of the underlying thought patterns and beliefs that can sabotage the best of intentions. Create Prosperity identifies the steps which need to be taken to clear obstruction from negative past behaviours, experiences, habits and reactions so that positive thought patterns can take root. Essentially, you need to weed the garden before you can plant flowers and then those flowers need nurturing in order to grow. Create Prosperity is a guided journey through that process."

Margaret Munoz's Top 10 Tips for Creating Prosperity:

1. Believe in your own value, worth and know you deserve wealth and prosperity.
2. Spend time every day in appreciating what you do have, especially those things you normally just take for granted such as running water, medical care, the ability to read.
3. Acknowledge your own creativity and actively express it.
4. Be open and willing to receive all that comes to you - acknowledgement, opportunities, a helping hand, financial support.
5. Focus on growing your strengths instead of bemoaning your weaknesses.
6. Be the bearer of great news and discuss wonderful opportunities instead of indulging in negativity.
7. Focus totally on what you want and have and how that makes you feel, instead of what you don't want or lack.
8. Allow yourself to shine using all your skills and talents to the maximum.
9. Take the stoppers off your thinking - think big.
10. Take consistent daily actions towards living your dream and be prepared to play outside your comfort zone.

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About EFT
Emotional Freedom Techniques is a relatively new and revolutionary method, both powerful and effective, that provides rapid relief from emotional problems such as anxiety, fears, anger, sadness and guilt as well as negative beliefs, negative behaviours and physical symptoms. It's a branch of Energy Therapy or Energy Psychology. Our body is an electrical system and Energy Therapy techniques produce change by gaining access to this energy system through a complex network of meridians or channels. This system was mapped by the Chinese over 4,000 years ago and the channels act as electrical pathways moving our life force through our bodies. It is the basis for acupuncture treatment which seeks to remove obstructions to the smooth flow of this energy.

Various things such as physical or emotional trauma, a thought or memory can create obstructions or imbalances in the flow which in turn is interpreted as a negative emotion or physical pain. This imbalance in our energy system can be corrected by focusing on the problem while tapping the endpoints of the meridians. This stimulation combined with the mental and emotional focusing restores balance to the energy system and removes the symptoms - the memory of the problem is still there but the emotional charge is gone and there is usually a positive change in thinking.

The advantages of EFT are that it produces results remarkably quickly, the effects are long lasting, it is non-invasive and gentle, can be used by anyone, is very simple to learn and is very relaxing to use.

About Margaret Munoz
Margaret Munoz is an international peak performance specialist, consultant, speaker, author and a warm and engaging woman. Her skills and knowledge have been gained from over 20 years exploration, learning and study in the fields of human potential, personal growth and wholistic health. After obtaining qualifications in naturopathy, botanic medicine and clinical hypnotherapy she learned from many mentors while pursuing numerous other studies including NLP, psychotherapy, counseling, meditation, stress management, psycho-neuro-immunology and most recently energy psychology.

In her writing, speaking and consulting Margaret shares her considerable knowledge which also comes from personal experience - Margaret began her journey out of a determination to overcome her own debilitating emotional and physical health issues so she could experience more fulfillment and happiness in her own life.

It is in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and energy psychology that Margaret believes she has found a highly effective vehicle for assisting people to transform themselves. The techniques she uses, together with her finely honed intuition, insightful nature and an uncanny ability to get to the crux of the matter, make her a powerful catalyst for creating change.

Margaret consults, speaks, writes and trains for individuals and organisations throughout Australia and overseas. She believes that everyone should have such a simple, powerful, effective and readily available tool to help them improve the quality of their lives on a daily basis.

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