Hi-5 Interview - Aug 2001

They are the most recognisable music group in Australia. A multi award winning children's entertainment phenomenon loved by people of all ages. Currently promoting their latest album Boom Boom Beat featuring songs from the third TV series, GIRL got to catch up with 4 of the gang from Hi-5 where there was lots of laughter to be heard from this bright and bubbly group!

GIRL: When did you all get your TV breaks?

Nathan: I started out in television when I was 15, I sang on a variety TV show and performed on the Midday show from the ages of 17-19.

Kellie: I did commercial work when I was 12, made film clips with the Teen Queens when I was 17, did Pizza Hut commercials for 2 years, filmed some pilots then Hi-5 came along.

Charli: My first commercial was when I was 12, did a few more after that through high school and some work as an "extra" as well.

Tim: When I was 17 I did some extra work on Home and Away, was in KFC and Centrelink commercials and a few others.

GIRL: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Kellie: I'd say the most rewarding is that we get to sing, dance, act and do all those things at once...

Charli: ...Yeah and definitely working with children, just makes it all so amazing.

GIRL: You have a new album out called Boom Boom Beat. Tell us a little more about this.

Nathan: It took 4 days to record! (laughs)

Charli: It's basically the nine songs of the week from our third series, plus other songs we each perform, and Karaoke like our previous albums. All up there's 20 tracks!

Nathan: That's good value...(laughs)

GIRL: Why do you think you are loved by people of all ages?

Tim: I don't know...I guess the general vibe of the show is bright and happy and at that time of the morning it is quite pleasant to see that, no matter how old you are.

Charli: The show is fun and it's exciting whether you just watch it to check out our hair and makeup or just listen to the music.

Tim: Certainly a lot of people are drawn to it simply because of the music.

GIRL: How does Hi-5 differ from other children's TV shows?

Kellie: Basically we are like a pop group for kids as the music is quite poppy.

Nathan: Not since Young Talent Time, a show that had everything in it, has there been a show of this nature...

Charli: ...And there's five of us, so that is perhaps what also makes us different from other shows.

GIRL: When you first joined the group, did you imagine it would become such a huge success?

Nathan: No never, it was very unexpected.

Charli: Yeah we had no idea what to expect from the show because Helena and Posie, our producers, had this whole new concept of a children's show. So I think we all just dived in. We didn't know how successful it was, we just hoped our parents would watch! (laughs) It wasn't until we went on tour and saw all the parents and children singing along to our songs that we realised people are actually watching the TV show!

GIRL: Do you have any plans to release solo material?

Nathan: We all have our own individual styles and we all write but our focus at this stage is on Hi-5.

Charli: Besides, there's no time for anything else! (laughs)

GIRL: What did it feel like winning two consecutive Logies for Most Outstanding Children's Program?

Tim: The second one was a bit of a surprise actually, we really had our fingers crossed.

Nathan: We were up against multi-million dollar production shows, we're just this little production show doing our best, so we didn't expect much.

Tim: We actually felt really privileged just to be amongst them.

Kellie: And it's so overwhelming to actually win it.

Charli: Yeah us girls all cried!
GIRL: You are about to hit the road with a brand new show. What can audiences expect to see?

Charli: It is going to rock!

Kellie: Yeah we've got new sets...

Charli: ...And we're going to have a lighting show and special effects so it will be like coming to see a rock concert.

GIRL: Now Tim you can dance, act, sing, write your own material and play the piano and guitar. Is there anything you haven't tried your hand at, but would like to?

Tim: (smiling) I haven't tried sky diving yet, but I'd like to.

GIRL: Outside the TV show, do you guys all hang out together?

Nathan: We basically hang out with each other when we're working, as we don't get much time off...

Charli: ...And if we do get a day off, we really like to hang out with our families and friends who we rarely have time to see.

GIRL: So who is the loudest member of the group?

Kellie: We all are! (laughs)

Tim: The girls are quite funny because they'll be sitting down and all of a sudden, they start talking all at the same time!

GIRL: Who has the most annoying habit?

Charli: Well Tim has an annoying habit of talking in a very low voice so we've named him "Low-talker" like the guy from the Seinfeld TV show.

GIRL: Since being apart of Hi-5, what doors have opened?

Charli: I guess we wouldn't know until we've finished the show, but we did get to swim with the dolphins which not many people do and occasionally we'll get given clothes to wear to special events, so that's pretty cool!


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