Horrible Histories Series 3 DVDs

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Horrible Histories Series 3

The multi award-winning Horrible Histories returns and it's even more horrible, gory, ghastly and more hilarious than ever!

Your host Rattus Rattus is helping to investigate history's most gruesome, unpleasant, yet funniest moments. There's a whole new bunch of memorable, sing-a-long-if-you-dare songs, Cleopatra sings in the style of Lady Gaga, Roman emperors fight to outdo each other on the dance floors and the Aztec priests warn us we 'Ain't stayin' Alive'.

There's rather a mess on the kitchen floor in 'Historical Master Chef', the historical paramedics make a welcome return with their largely useless bag of tricks and David Baddiel reprises his role as Vincenzo Laroff with more scary stories.

Review: There is no better way to learn about our checked history than with Horrible Histories Series 3. Making history fun to learn for all ages, Horrible Histories is a comic take on history's most colourful moments. Careful... this could become a new favourite for every household.

Horrible Histories Series 3
Rated: PG
Running Time: 399 minutes
Available 5th July
RRP: $24.95


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