I Just Want My Pants Back DVD

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I Just Want My Pants Back DVD

Cast: Peter Vack, Kim Shaw, Elisabeth Hower, Jordan Carlos
Genre: TV Comedy Series
Rated: MA 15+
Running Time: 223 minutes

Based on David J. Rosen's novel of the same name, this coming of age series follows a group of twenty-somethings as they attempt to survive life in Brooklyn.

Jason Strider (Peter Vack) and his friends, Tina (Kim Shaw), Eric (Jordan Carlos) and Stacey (Elisabeth Hower), grapple with dating, sex and surviving as adults. They care more about hanging out with each other and going to bars than their entry-level jobs.

However, when a one-night stand steals Jason's heart and his pants, he begins a quest to get his beloved jeans back – and hopefully the girl – whilst growing up along the way.

Relatable, funny, sexy and fresh - I Just Want My Pants Back is a must-see for all comedy fans.

Special Features:
Jerk or Dork

I Just Want My Pants Back
RRP: $29.95


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