Tai Chi Hero 3D DVD

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Tai Chi Hero 3D DVD


Cast: Hark-On Fung, Stephen Fung, Yuan Xiaochao
Director: Stephen Fung
Genre: Action, Drama
Rated: M
Running Time: 102 minutes

Young martial arts prodigy, Lu Chan, travels to the legendary Chen Village to study their powerful form of Tai Chi, only to discover the villagers are strictly forbidden to teach outsiders their ancient and secret knowledge. When a man from the village's past returns in a menacing steam powered machine and plans to build a railroad through the village at any cost, the villagers realise they may have no choice but to put their faith in Lu Chan who has a secret power of his own.

Follow Lu Chan's journey from Zero to Hero in this epic saga that combines the pop culture, video game aesthetics of Scott Pilgrim vs The World with the mind-blowing martial arts action of Kung Fu Hustle to create a unique, innovative and edgy film that both challenges genre conventions and entertains at the same time.

Tai Chi Hero 3D DVD
RRP: $39.95
Blu-ray: $47.95


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