Jonah From Tonga DVD

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Jonah From Tonga DVD

Cast: Chris Lilley
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Rated: MA
Running Time: 322 minutes

From Tonga to the playgrounds of Holy Cross Catholic School, teenage troublemaker, Jonah Takalua, has broken the rules again.

After an innovative TV binge, the highly anticipated Jonah From Tonga is available instores on DVD and Digital UltraViolet™ - a free, cloud-based service that allows users to stream and download purchased content to multiple platforms and devices, marking another first for the ABC.

From the award winning writer, creator and performer, Chris Lilley, Jonah From Tonga takes us on an adventurous journey into the life of 14-year-old rebellious schoolboy Jonah (Chris Lilley: We Can Be Heroes, Summer Heights High, Angry Boys, Ja'mie: Private School Girl) his family, friends and the crew of teachers and counsellors who are exhaustively trying to help him channel his seemingly limitless energy into bigger and brighter things.

When we last caught up with Jonah he was expelled from Summer Heights High causing his father Rocky to banish him back to his native Tonga to teach him a hard life lesson. After serving his time in the Kingdom, his father and Aunty decide to start a brand new life for the boy with -magical eyes' at a catholic school.

Jonah From Tonga is a roller coaster ride of fights, frenemies, break-dancing and lawbreaking.

Special Features:
Over two discs, the DVD + Digital UltraViolet™ release of Jonah From Tongaalso features an additional two and a half hours of bonus content including side-splitting bloopers, deleted scenes and special behind-the-scenes featurettes that Chris Lilley fans will love.

Jonah From Tonga
RRP: $29.99


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