Walking With Dinosaurs . The Movie DVD

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Walking With Dinosaurs – The Movie DVD

Voice Cast: John Leguizamo, Justin Long, Karl Urban
Directors: Barry Cook and Neil Nightingale
Genre: 3D Family Adventure
Rated: PG
Running Time: 87 minutes

The groundbreaking 3D movie Walking With Dinosaurs transports audiences 70 million years back in time.

The film marks a cinematic milestone, the latest scientific discoveries are combined with state-of-the-art technology and woven into a vivid story that reveals what life was like when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

We discover what dinosaurs actually looked like, how they lived, the dangers they faced and the challenges they overcame in order to survive. A thoroughly immersive experience, the film blends live action footage of real locations with impressive CGI creatures. The hero of the story is Patchi, a tenacious and courageous Pachyrhinosaurus who is born the runt of the litter and, against all odds, grows up to become the leader of the herd. Join Patchi on the biggest adventure of his life, as he tries to find his place in a spectacular world with friends and foes.

Neil Nightingale and Barry Cook, the formidably talented co-directors of Walking With Dinosaurs, discuss the excitement and magic of the most authentic dinosaur movie ever to be seen on the big screen.

Special Features:
Dino files
Match the Call game

Special Features Blu-ray:
Ultimate Dino Guide
Interactive Map
Match the Call game
Brainosaur Trivia Track
Nickelodeon Orange Carpet Dino Rap

Walking With Dinosaurs – The Movie Character Descriptions

Patchi– Curious and optimistic, Patchi is the hero of our movie. Patchi, a Pachyrhinosaurus, is our guide to the Late Cretaceous, the prehistoric period during which our story takes place. We fall in love with him as a tiny hatchling and share his adventures and challenges as he grows to adulthood. He is not the biggest or the toughest guy in the herd, but he uses his head and his heart to do the right thing. He survives some very dramatic situations on his way to becoming leader of the herd and to winning the affections of Juniper. He's not an aggressive guy by nature, but he will dig deep within himself and even risk his own safety to save Juniper or Scowler, his brother. He is the classic underdog hero, who finds his inner strength to prove his worth.

Juniper – Is the key female in the story. She's very pretty (for a Pachyrhinosaurus) and has a strong character. As a youngster, she shares adventures with Patchi with courage and resilience, separated from both her family and the herd. She develops a real connection with Patchi, even though she can't always show it. She always obeys her mother, but she really wishes she could ignore herd protocol and choose her own mate (Patchi), instead of having to be part of the herd leader's harem. She shares Patch's happiness when he has proved himself as leader of the herd.

Scowler – Big and strong and very single-minded, Scowler is absolutely focused on becoming the new leader of the herd. He-s OK with his little brother, Patchi, but often forgets that when his goal is in sight. Whatever he may lack in smarts, he makes up for in courage.

Gorgon (Dark Prince) – Simply put, the villain of our movie. A smart, fast and terrifying Gorgosaurus, he's always on the lookout for the next kill. He is like a super-charged T. rex, and will stop at nothing to feed his extended family. He is cunning and relentless, and uses precise tactics and strategies to round up the next meal. Patchi's father was killed by a Gorgosaurus, so the looming threat of the Gorgon is very poignant for our hero.

Alex – A small bright bird with teeth (Alexornis). In the movie, these birds have a symbiotic relationship with the Pachyrhinosaurus - they eat the ticks and other insects that bother them and in turn get a free meal and a safe place to perch. Alex becomes Patchi's unlikely friend and ally and has a tendency to show up at the right place at the right time to nudge him in the right direction. Funny and maybe a bit sarcastic, he's fascinated by Patchi and his adventures.

Patchi's Mom - Patchi's Mom is a mature female Pachyrhinosaurus who's successfully raised a family. She perishes while trying to save Patchi's siblings from a raging forest fire, leaving Patchi and Scowler orphaned and on their own.

Bulldust – Is Patchi and Scowler's father, the strong and respected leader of the Pachyrhinosaurus herd. While leading his family in the annual migration, Bulldust, Scowler and Patchi are separated from the rest of the herd in a forest fire and trapped by a preying Gorgosaurus. Bulldust battles the Gorgosaurus to save his sons, but the Gorgosaurus takes his life, leaving them without a father.

Secondary Characters:

Alphadon – A small possum-like mammal, Alphadon is pretty shy, but not so timid that he won't sniff out a smelly Patchi and wrinkle his nose in disgust.

Hesperonychus – Sometimes called 'killer chickens". In the movie, these small, feathered predators hunt in packs and give both the Alphadon and Patchi a bit of trouble.

*Pterosaurs – A group of flying reptiles that lived alongside the dinosaurs. In the Late Cretaceous, when the movie is set, one group of pterosaurs, the Azhdarchids (Azhdarchs for short) dominates the skies over land. Many Azhdarchs have enormous wingspans and sharp beaks, which they use to peck at both crabs and Patchi alike. Though they soar over the prehistoric landscape, even they fall prey to the occasional voracious Gorgosaurus.

Troodon– A mischievous mid-size predator, Troodon are obsessed with food, and have a reputation as cowards, preying on baby Pachyrhinosaurus who are too young to defend themselves. Patchi has a close call with a Troodon and makes a lucky escape!

Edmontosaurus - duck-billed dinosaurs, gentle giants. They are vegetarians, biting off leaves and branches from shrubs and low-lying boughs using their horny jaws. These animals have many teeth behind their beak to grind and chew their food. The nostrils of Edmontosaurus were large and led into a huge, hollow nasal cavity. They might have been covered with loose skin that the animal could have filled with air and used to make loud bellowing sounds.

Parksosaurus- Half the height of a human (about 1m tall), Parksosaurus was a vegetarian with short and strongly built limbs, possibly for burrowing. It's always on the look-out for a threat, but is quite a fast runner.

**Ankylosaur - Even Gorgon would avoid picking a fight with an ankylosaur. Members of this group of armoured dinosaurs were built like tanks and protected by bony body plates. A particularly spiky two-metre-tall ankylosaur called Edmontonia lived around the same time as Patchi.

Chirostenotes- Definitely a runner – not a fighter, Chirostenotes was a bird-like dinosaur with a toothless beak, slender claws and long, powerful legs that could propel it to impressive speeds.

*used to be called QUETZALCOATLUS with description:
QUETZALCOATLUS – Majestic flying reptiles, Quetzalcoatlus have enormous wingspans and sharp beaks, which they use to peck at both crabs and Patchi alike. Though they soar over the prehistoric landscape, even they fall prey to the occasional voracious Gorgosaurus.
** used to be called Ankylosaurus

Walking With Dinosaurs – The Movie


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