Josh Arnold - Ripple on the Tide

Josh Arnold - Ripple on the Tide
Arnold Set to Cause More than a Ripple

New single - 'Ripple on the Tide' heralds the arrival of a new Australian voice on the international stage.

"Josh Arnold is the kind of talent you can spend a career waiting to discover" says Clive Hodson, Head of ABC Music. Arnold has just unveiled his new single, 'Ripple on the Tide', off his soon to be released album, 'Fire in the Sun'.

'Ripple on the Tide is a deeply layered musical journey, that shows the benefits of a decade of performing to live audiences across the country. Arnold, who grew up near Toowoomba in Queensland, earned his stripes doing the hard slog of Queensland pub and club gigs. His natural talent, combined with professional experience and perfectionism in terms of the musicians he works with has produced a sophisticated and distinctive sound.

For many jaded music fans the depth and quality of music being produced by this young man will be a light at the end of teen pop, celebrity driven tunnel. Arnold produces a swampy feel through his music and vocals. Blending essential elements of pop with impeccable guitar work, 'Ripple on the Tide' is sexy, haunting and lingers in your memory from the first listen onwards.

There goes my life again
Like a ripple on the tide
Maybe I can catch a glimpse
On the other side
"Josh is no one trick pony" says Hodson. "His delivery is instinctive. He owns these songs. They are his stories, his poetry. Listening to Josh is like listening to any of the music businesses' truly unique voices. We believe he has an international career ahead of him".

Josh Arnold learnt his first guitar chords from his father, a semi-pro musician, when he was 15 year old but his musical influences are eclectic and do not reflect his rural upbringing; "Pearl Jam's my favourite band, I like their energy, their song structures and Eddie Vedder's my favourite singer. From a lyrical point of view, Bob Dylan is probably the main influence these days," says Arnold.

Since first performing live in 94, Josh Arnold has developed a quintessentially Australian humility about his artform': "Getting beer cans thrown at your head is good for finding your style, paying your bills and waiting for that elusive record deal," he says laughing. As for the approach he takes when writing songs, Arnold says he is something of a perfectionist. "I've never been a big fan of jamming. With every song, I feel like I"ve only got two and a half to four minutes to reach in and rip someone's heart out and put it back in again. That's the idea anyway."