Taxiride - Creepin' up Slowly

Taxiride - Creepin' up Slowly
If there is one thing about Taxiride's new single Creepin' up Slowly it is that it does NOT creep up slowly. Rather it catches the listener instantly with groove and melody right out of the intro before slamming you against the wall, with one of the hookiest, catchiest and most memorable chorus's heard around these parts for some time.

This up-beat party anthem dripping in hooks is wrapped in a watertight arrangement and delivered with a rich, deep production.

Recorded in LA between October and December 2001 with producer Fred Maher (Mathew Sweet's "Girlfriend") and mixed by Dave Way (Macy Gray), Creepin' up Slowly is the first cut off the band's forthcoming album Garage Mahal.

Creepin' up Slowly is released on June 10th, 2002 and heralds the return to the stage of a more mature and focused Taxiride - a band undeniably enjoying themselves in the creative process.

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