Wideboys feat Dennis G Sambuca

Wideboys feat Dennis G Sambuca
This smash hit dance single debuted at #15 in the UK charts!

Sambuca is the infectious garage tune from talented duo the Wideboys. Already a huge hit in the UK, Sambuca has also been chosen as the '30 Yarder Tune' by radio 1's dream team.

The Wideboys are Eddie Craig and Jim Sullivan and they have been producing together since 1996. They have worked with Shola Ama & Robbie Craig. Their mixing credentials include All Saints and Artful Dodger.

Sambuca is also the starting point for new talent, 18 year old Dennis G. Wideboys first met Dennis when he was MC at one of their DJ sets. After blowing the place apart, Ed and Jim knew that Dennis' smooth vocals were right for Sambuca.

The Sambuca mixes won't disappoint either!

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