The Androids

The Androids
The Androids - Do It With Madonna

The Androids is the new band formed by The Superjesus' former guitarist Tim Henwood. Tim quit The Superjesus after three years of setting the band and the charts on fire with his songwriting and guitar playing. Success was sweet but deep down he wanted to start again from scratch. Enter The Androids.

Joining the new band was drummer Marty Grech, Matt Tomlinson, who had been mates with Tim before he could even play a note, Matt was a bass player when offered the gig with The Androids but switched to guitar to allow the fourth and youngest member on board - Sam Grayson.

Everybody... every band... needs ambition, needs a goal in life and The Androids shoot high... They wanna Do It With Madonna.

'Do It With Madonna' is:

  • The Androids' debut single
  • A bold announcement of the band's unwillingness to accept second best (sorry Britney)
  • A frank statement of male sexuality in the modern age
  • One fuel injected slice of rock action driven on a creamy FM radio styled guitar riff and a killer chorus.

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