sonicanimation: "I'm A DJ" single release

The latest single release from sonicanimation is "I'M A DJ". The sonicanimation duo, Rupert and Adrian take no prisoners on "I'm A DJ", which will be released as a strictly limited single on February 18th, 2002.

sonicanimation showcased their darker side with their previous single featuring Jon Toogood from Shihad, "e-ville". Now for their second single "I'm A DJ", taken from their new album, "Reality By Deception", the guys just want to take the mickey and their sights are firmly set on the "Superstar DJ".

The single features three remixes of the title track plus a bonus remix of the yet-to-be-released toon, "It's Time".

How the concept for "I'm A DJ" came about:

"'I'm a DJ' came about from our experiences with some of the DJ's we have met in our 7 or 8 years of working in raves and dance parties. The 'Superstar DJ' has developed into a genre of its own, with the appropriate clothing, jewellery, record box carrying entourage, DJ photo stance and, most importantly, attitude, and we felt that this was a worthy subject for a song."

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