Wiseacre - Yeah You

Wiseacre - Yeah You
Wisacre are a band in the same way that Aero Bars represent value for money. Let's face it, we'd miss them if they weren't around. They first came to the world's attention with their breakthrough hit of 1967's 'Light my fire'; with their trademark swagger and smouldering sexuality - no wait, that was The Doors - oh well, you get the idea. Actually, maybe we're being a little vague, let's cut to the chase.

They have guitars, drums, bass and horns - but then so does a bull in a music shop, so that's not saying much.

For the uninitiated - Brisbane City, Wiseacres hometown, is a sub-tropical semi-industrialised urban centre found on the east coast of Australia.

Yeah You
I want you back
Down at the beach