Jungle Book and Peter Pan Christmas Specials DVD

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Jungle Book and Peter Pan Christmas Specials DVD

Genre: Childrens
Rated: PG
Running Time:

Jungle Book Christmas Special:
It's Christmas! The snow has set in and Santa is all packed and ready to deliver presents on his sleigh. But Alas! The sleigh crashes in the Jungles of Seeonee where Santa's reindeers meet their cousin Barasingh – the swamp deer who lives in the Seeonee Jungle. Bara is determined to help pull Santa's sleigh along with his cousins this year! Santa meets Baloo and Mowgli who help Santa fix his sleigh, while Barasingh and Lory search the jungle for the presents and land up confronting the mad monkeys and then Shere Khan. 'Jungle all the way' is a joyful, bright and jolly experience of Christmas in the Seeonee Jungle with Magic Snow, Santa, our jungle friends and Shere Khan.

Peter Pan Christmas Special:
Peter Pan, a 3D animation show for kids, features young Peter, who can fly and never grows up! He lives on the magical island of Neverland where he finds his friends Wendy and Michael to take along with in his adventures. Peter and his gang of The Lost Boys take on every mischievous plan, even fight Peter's arch-nemesis - Captain Hook!

Jungle Book and Peter Pan Christmas Specials
RRP: $12.98


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