Autumn Dreams DVD

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Autumn Dreams DVD

Cast: Jill Wagner, Daniel Bacon, Bill Dow
Director: Neill Fearnley
Genre: Comedy
Rated: G

Young Annie (Jill Wagner) and Ben (Colin Egglesfield) are madly in love and decide to elope. But Annie's father catches them and has their marriage annulled. Determined to be together, Annie and Ben plan to run away to New York, but when Annie's father has a heart attack, Annie rushes to the hospital leaving Ben alone at the bus station. Years later, Ben lives in New York about to marry a beautiful socialite, and Annie lives back home engaged to her childhood friend. Their worlds are turned upside down when they discover their annulment never happened and they are still married. With their respective weddings fast approaching, Annie flies to New York to end their marriage once and for all, but it's not that easy when old feelings resurface.

Autumn Dreams
RRP: $20


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