Lazytown: Breakfast at Stephanie's DVD

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Lazytown: Breakfast at Stephanie's DVD

Genre: Family
Rated: G

The LazyTown friends are back, in all new adventures featuring Stephanie, Sportacus, and the rest of the LazyTown gang. Super Heroes Sportacus and Stephanie join forces to help the LazyTowners foil Robbie Rotten's latest lazy schemes, in more high-tech and SportsCandy-fueled fashion than ever before. Young Super Heroes around the world are already lining up in front of their televisions to be amazed and inspired by the most fun and energy-filled LazyTown series yet. Like a cartoon come to life, LazyTown continues to inspire kids to play, move, dance, sing, and feel good about it! Get ready to be blown away by LazyTown Series 3!

Lazytown: Breakfast at Stephanie's


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