LEGO Friends: Volume 3 Dolphin Cruise DVD

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LEGO Friends: Volume 3 Dolphin Cruise DVD

Genre: Children's Animated
Rated: G
Running Time: 22 minutes

The excitement and fun continues for everyone's favourite LEGO® Friends from Heartlake City. LEGO® Friends: Volume 3 – Dolphin Cruise.

When Olivia, Stephanie, Andrea, Mia and Emma enter a school science contest and win a Dolphin sight-seeing trip, they are super excited. But not everything goes to plan, and as the girls set out to sea on a luxury yacht, misunderstandings and disagreements occur.

When the girls discover a pod of dolphins in danger, their disagreements instantly become secondary, as they work up a plan to save the dolphins.

The girls learn that they have to compromise and trust each other if they want to save the dolphins, and their trip out to sea.

Special Features:
FAF (Friends are Forever) Sing-A-Long Music Video

LEGO Friends: Volume 3 Dolphin Cruise DVD
RRP: $14.95


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