Lego Legends Chima: Volume 3 DVD

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Lego Legends Chima: Volume 3 DVD

Genre: Children's Animated
Rated: PG
Running Time: 110 minutes

The magical world of Lego Chima is back with its third instalment, Lego Legends of Chima: Volume 3, and is available to own on DVD, just in time for Christmas! Fans will again be transported into a land of untamed nature, beauty and wonder, a world ruled by animals and the power of nature itself, the CHI.

In this instalment, Crooler has lost faith in Cragger. With the aid of the Wolves, she causes chaos at the Speedorz race and tries to steal all of the CHI from the Lion Temple. The mysterious Speedor rider ShadoWind shows up again – but just whose side is he really on?

The Wolves have become strong because of the stolen CHI. And now they are planning to steal even more. Soon, all the other tribes of CHIMA™ will have nothing left, so Laval and Eris must find a new, clever and 'Woolf-proof" plan to get CHI to the tribes. In the next episode, the Wolves are still stealing CHI from everyone else. When a load of CHI falls into the Gorge of Eternal Depth, Laval, Eris and Gorzan must try to retrieve it. But the Wolves are more powerful than ever and even Cragger must act against them.

After a series of wrong turns, Cragger and the Crocodiles are taken prisoners by the Wolves, but Laval is determined to free his old friend so with the help of Eris and the mysterious ShadoWind, they attempt a rescue…but something about ShadowWind doesn't seem quite right.

Will Cragger be rescued? Will the CHI be returned to all tribes of CHIMA™? Find out in the all-new installment of Lego Legends of Chima: Volume 3.

Special Features:
Mini Episodes
Like Father Like Son
Air Head Flight Test
Crocodile Evolution
Lennox the Brave

Lego Legends Chima: Volume 3
RRP: $19.95


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