Leven Rambin Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters DVD Interview

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Leven Rambin Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters DVD Interview

Cast: Leven Rambin, Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, Brandon T. Jackson
Director: Thor Freudenthal
Genre: Action, Family, Adventure
Rated: PG
Running Time: 106 minutes

The demigods of Camp Half-Blood are once again led by Logan Lerman as Percy, the expected hero who embarks on his own, modern-day Odyssey. Alexandra Daddario returns to her role as Annabeth, the demigod offspring of Athena, goddess of wisdom. The original cast is joined by newcomers Douglas Smith as Percy's 'monster" half-brother Tyson as well as the newest demigod Clarisse, played by Leven Rambin.

Out to prove he's not just a 'one-quest wonder," Percy and his demigod friends embark on an epic journey into the treacherous Sea of Monsters, where they battle terrifying creatures, an army of zombies, and the ultimate evil. With time running out, Percy must find and bring home the fabled Golden Fleece, which has the power to save his world...and save us all!

Blu-ray 3D Special Features:
Tyson's Story – Motion Comic
Back to Camp Half-Blood
It's All in the Eye
Deconstructing a Demigod

Blu-ray Special Features:
Tyson's Story – Motion Comic
Back to Camp Half-Blood
It's All in the Eye
Deconstructing a Demigod

DVD Special Features:
Back to Camp Half-Blood
It's All in the Eye

Interview with Leven Rambin

Question: How did the rest of the cast and crew welcome you to the project?

Leven Rambin: Everyone was really excited to have me there, I think. They were looking forward to some new energy and to spice things up a little bit, so they were all very welcoming.

Question: Is it awkward to walk in to a pre-existing franchise?

Leven Rambin: I didn't really look at it that way. I just saw it as a script as it was and what the specific script entailed. I didn't really think about the future or the past. I just kind of live in the moment and I'm like oh, this is great for now. I think it's harder on a TV show when people have been there for six years and you come on and you're like hey and they're like ugh.

Question: How did you get involved with the film?

Leven Rambin: I was doing Chasing Mavericks and I was on this action kick and I got the script and I thought this character was funny and fun and would be like a challenge for me to play and luckily they hired me.

Question: How challenging was the action?

Leven Rambin: It's definitely challenging. It's very time consuming and kind of tedious at times because it's so technical and the cameras and stunt people and angles and everything, so it takes a lot more time than just straight acting because it's very complicated and some days were just acting and some days were just action and we were like rolling and ducking and running and climbing and jumping, so you kind of feel like a stunt person.

Question: Did Logan show his leadership as the main character?

Leven Rambin: Yeah, he's definitely a very strong leader and he set the tone for the rest of us. He's very humble and gracious and he has no ego at all, but he's very smart and hardworking, so that kind of set the pace for us to be pretty professional.

Question: Have you always been athletic?

Leven Rambin: Yes, yes. I was a tomboy growing up and played all different sports and played on the boy's teams.

Question: Were the stunts hard for you?

Leven Rambin: I'm not like the most graceful person, so making it look good is another thing. I can do it, but you know.

Question: How did you manage to look graceful?

Leven Rambin: Luckily, I had a really amazing stunt team and they taught me some tricks and things and making it look good for camera as opposed to feeling like you're doing it right, it is two different things so I kind of learned how to do it for camera more so than the actual fight.

Question: Are there any similarities between you and the character?

Leven Rambin: I think Clarisse is different from me in a lot of ways, but at this, at the core I think she's strong and driven and self assured and confident and I think I am the same way.

Question: Are you competitive?

Leven Rambin: I am competitive. I used to be more competitive when I was younger but I'm not as fiercely competitive as she is. I kind of let to each their own nowadays, but I'm competitive with myself very much.

Question: Are you focusing your career specifically right now?

Leven Rambin: I would love to. I haven't really interviewed anymore. I more just like observe and then write about my experience, but I would love to interview people and I think that I would really like that.

Question: What do you think of the process of promoting a film like this?

Leven Rambin: It's just more exciting but usually I feel pretty normal and I don't ever feel extraordinary in anyway. I just feel like I'm busy and that's a really nice feeling and I get to do, I'm proud of my work and excited about this coming out in the world, so I'm glad to be here.

Question: What was it like shooting the water scene?

Leven Rambin: I got to see the visual hippocampus, that's one of my favorite characters in the monster world and it was just a really cool side of this movie in that we deal with a lot of these amazing mythical creatures.

Question: What are you thinking when you're on your fourth or fifth take?

Leven Rambin: You definitely lose sight of it because you're like okay, I'm bored now. What does this look like again and like, oh, I already did. You got to just keep yourself invigorated and be present.

Question: Do you have a trick for that?

Leven Rambin: Definitely and there's so many different things going on. The lighting people are there and the DP [Director of Photography] is there and the grip is there and people are coming in and touching up your hair and makeup, so it's hard to stay in the moment, and you just hope that they caught one moment of you being in the moment that is usable because not everything is going to be perfect or linear all the time, so you've got to trust the editor.

Question: Is the work challenging?

Leven Rambin: It is. When you're there, you're really there and you're there for eighteen hours, nine and it's very strenuous and hard, it's like little pieces of a scene. Like, oh, there is a huge action scene; we're doing this whole action scene today. It's like no, we're doing half of the scene where you just run up to the thing and we're doing that from five hundred angles and then tomorrow we do where you run the other fourth of the scene, so it doesn't feel as like epic as it is, as it comes out to be, but it's taken in small chunks.

Question: Is this something you still want to pursue?

Leven Rambin: Absolutely, I mean, some movies are five days, some movies are a month, some movies are four months, or some TV shows which are four years, so you just have to make sure you're creatively stimulated in whatever you're doing and know.

Question: Do you have a dream role?

Leven Rambin: No, I keep discovering new roles that are dreams to me and I don't have one in my mind. It's just whatever my creative, whatever I get in touch with at whatever period of my life. There's times where I want to play this or I want to play that or I want to play Clarisse or I want to play Lilly on All My Children or I want to play Kim in Mavericks. It's like just whatever mood or place I'm in, in my life that is what I want to satisfy and crave.

Question: What is your next project?

Leven Rambin: I have a film called Seven Minutes that I just did and it's a very grounded kind of drama thriller in which I play a small town girl who's down on her luck and pregnant and waitress and not at all what she wanted in her life and so she's really struggling with her dreams being crushed and everything and then there's a film called Walter which I'm doing which is kind of like a quirky comedy, dark comedy where my character's, again, just a normal girl and nothing, nothing like this at all.

Question: How do you avoid the trap of being just the girl?

Leven Rambin: I get to play Clarisse and that's not your typical girl and Glimmer and Kim in Chasing Mavericks, and I think I don't get the roles that are just the girl and I know that that's not my cup of tea. I have more to me than that and there's another girl out there who's far better suited to be the damsel in distress or the girlfriend and not to say that those roles are bad at all and there's parts of me that I wish were better at doing that, but that's just not me right now. Maybe in five years I'll be a softer and more feminine.

Question: Where did your first name come from?

Leven Rambin: It's Dutch and it means life and my dad was sick when my mom was pregnant with me and he asked her to choose a name in any language that meant life and hope so she chose Leven. Question: Do you like to watch a lot of movies?

Leven Rambin: I do. I like to watch contemporary movies mostly. I'm not like a huge old movie fan. I like to see what's going on in the climate right now and this is my business also. Like if you're a baseball player and you watch baseball games, you're not going to really watch a lot of baseball games from 1940.

Question: Has anything caught your attention so far this year?

Leven Rambin: I just saw The Sessions and I really loved that. I loved Iron Man 3. I did love it because I love action, and I loved seeing Gwyneth [Paltrow]. I love watching women in film and so any person that I would want to be that role, I'd go to see that movie.

Question: Are there any actors you'd like to work with?

Leven Rambin: I would love to work with Robert Downey, Jr. I think that would be amazing. He's fantastic and he's so versatile and I really like that.

Question: What does it feel like to know that this film will be entertaining kids for a very long time?

Leven Rambin: I think that's why we're all doing what we do. We do entertainment and we want people to be entertained and whether that's adults who are intellectual who want to see a beautiful film or if it's a child, a kid or young adult who wants to be entertained and enjoy, really enjoy themselves, like that's our goal here, so.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters
RRP: $39.95


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