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Lush Knot-Wrap


The Lush Knot-Wrap is inspired by the Japanese art of Furoshiki, which literally means 'cloth for the bath'. Origination from Japanese culture where it promotes caring for the environment and reducing waste, it started out in the 1600's when people used it to carry their clothes and toiletries; Knot-Wrap is the eco-friendly wrapping cloth.

Lush are introducing vintage scarves into shops to encourage customers to use them instead of gift-wrap. At $5.50 each, the beautiful scarves are reusable and multipurpose. Using techniques similar to origami, it can be used for gift-wrapping, grocery shopping or simply as d├ęcor.

Each year billions of plastic bags end up as litter and reusable bags, such as Knot Wrap, can help reduce the impact to our environment. It can also reduce the amount of gift-wrap used this Christmas, as its versatility allows you to wrap almost anything regardless of its shape or size.

Choose from Lush's selection of bath and body products and then have them wrapped in a beautiful vintage scarf. It makes a gorgeous gift, but also an easy and eco-friendly way of carrying your Lush products home. The scarves can then be re-used again and again either as bags, or as fashionable head-scarves/neck-scarves etc.

The scarves are beautiful, in a selection of colours and designs and bought from various Vintage clothing suppliers, allowing us to reuse existing fabrics rather than manufacturing our own = zero carbon footprint. So more environmentally friendly an d a lot more purse friendly than a Hermes scarf, but just as gorgeous!

I'm in love with the Lush Knot-Wrap, there are so many uses but best of all makes an exciting looking christmas present.Lush Knot-Wraps are now available in all Lush shops. For shop details and mail orders, call 1300 587 428 or order online at


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