NYE Beverage Tips

NYE Beverage Tips

New Year's is like hitting the restart button, a time to say goodbye to last year's trials and tribulations, and focus on the year ahead, and what better way to bid farewell and celebrate with those you love most than to throw the ultimate NYE party!

Ahead of New Year's Eve, Edenvale, the experts in the field of alcohol reduction and removal, would like to share these easy to follow tips on the purchasing the right quantity of beverages to satisfy your party guests.

Non Alcoholic Beverages: When planning, assume that each guest will drink two servings of non-alcoholic beverages (water, non-alcoholic wine, soft drinks or juice) within the first hour and one for each additional hour after that. If the weather is warm, it is best to have extra servings of non-alcoholic options on hand.

Top tip: Check your guest's preferences or circumstances before making your shopping list, especially if you have guests that do not drink or are avoiding alcohol for one reason or another, i.e. pregnancy, health concerns, religion. In this case, you may also want to consider adding additional non-alcoholic options for celebratory moments throughout the night such as Edenvale sparkling Cuvee during the new years' countdown.

Edenvale wines are both non-intoxicating and have nearly half the calories of normal wine. To be more specific, the removal of 13% alcohol by volume translates to over a 60% calorie reduction. All with the delicious taste and bubbly sensation a glass of alcoholic sparkling can provide, it is the perfect adult beverage for those not drinking to join in and bid farewell to the year that was.

Beer: One bottle per guest for every hour during the party.

Wine (alcoholic): One 750ml bottle of wine provides approximately five to six glasses, so it is recommended you buy one bottle for every two guests.

Cocktails: If you plan to pour around 40 - 45ml of spirits for each cocktail, you can assume that approximately one bottle (750ml) makes around 16 drinks. When planning your shopping list, ensure you have 1 litre of mixers for every three guests to combine with the spirits.

Mocktails (non-alcoholic): If you are planning some fun mocktails such as mimosas, you will need to supply a 750ml bottle of non-alcoholic wine for every four guests plus your choice of mixers.