Bae Juice stops hangovers

Bae Juice stops hangovers

As Christmas and New Years quickly approach after more lockdowns than you can count on one hand, we can guarantee the festive season will be a big one especially as we've been reported as the 'World's Drunkest Country'. 

In celebration of Bae Juice, the $4 hangover antidote made from 100% Korean Pear Juice, we're sharing some fool-proof tips to help you get through the silly season:

Make Bae Juice your summer fling, not hangovers.

Bae Juice, the 100% Korean Pear Juice packs a serious punch and should be your summer fling to keep hangovers away. Simply drink before you consume alcohol and you're set - no nasty headache or feeling of regret the next day! You can read a bunch of the hangover-free reviews here.

Have an exit plan

Sometimes a big night isn't the vibe, and that's okay! Be prepared the next time you make an appearance at an event so you don't get plastered and know how to leave discreetly. Another event? 8am appointment? Family emergency? No one will suspect a thing!

Be snack-wise - nutrition first!

Getting bloated on a night out is such a mood killer! Opt for healthy snacks so you're not feeling sluggish or overeating processed food - avoid a sugar high come down and look after your gut health.  

Pack bandaids - no one likes a blister!

A handbag essential, bandaids are truly a lifesaver. Better to be prepared, no one wants to cut their night short because their feet hurt - especially after not wearing heels for two years! 

D.I.Y boob tape - we don't want an accident!

Sports tape is amazing at keeping things in place, because... gravity…. and wardrobe malfunctions are real! Pick up some tape before a night out or watch a tutorial online to find what works for you. 


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