The Canyons DVD

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The Canyons DVD

Cast: James Deen, Lindsay Lohan
Director: Paul Schrader
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Rated: MA
Running Time: 96 minutes

The Canyons is a contemporary L.A. noir from director Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull) and writer Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho). Starring and co-produced by Lindsay Lohan and James Deen, the film explores the dangers of sexual obsession and ambition, both personally and professionally, among a group of young people in their 20's.

While calculating young movie producer, Christian (James Deen) makes films to keep his trust fund intact, his actress girlfriend, Tara (Lindsay Lohan), hides an affair with an actor from her past. But Christian becomes aware of her infidelity, which leads the young Angelenos into a violent, sexually charged tour through the dark side of human nature.

From one chance meeting connected to the past, their lives are unraveled resulting in deceit, paranoia, cruel mind games and ultimately violence.

The Canyons
RRP: $34.95


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