Wonderland Series 2 DVD

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Wonderland Series 2 DVD

Cast: Michael Dorman, Anna Bamford, Les Hill, Elise Jansen, Ben Mingay, Emma Lung, Jessica Tovey, Tim Ross, Glenn McMillan, Brooke Satchwell, Ewen Leslie
Genre: Drama, Romance, TV
Rated: M
Running Time: 633 minutes

The residents of the beachside apartment block, Wonderland, are back – and this season they'll find life doesn't always match the easy vibe of their neighbourhood...

It can be a rocky road to relationship happiness and for the tangled lives of Wonderland's four young couples, it is bumpy from the outset. The fallout from Tom's (Michael Dorman) bet with his mates is still being felt, with Miranda (Anna Bamford) furious and refusing to forgive. But as Tom and Miranda's will-they, won't-they game continues, a curve ball is thrown their way in the form of brooding and mysterious journalist Max (Les Hill), and Miranda's best friend Ava (Elise Jansen) who captivates Tom, but is the fallout of hooking up with your BFF's crush worth it?

Meanwhile Rob and Colette's marriage is in turmoil and seemingly beyond repair. Collette (Emma Lung) moves out after Rob (Ben Mingay) becomes convinced she is still cheating on him with the barista, however will the distance save their marriage?

Dani (Jessica Tovey) and Steve's (Tim Ross) love remains strong as they enjoy their first year of marriage but how will Steve's work ambitions affect their plans? Then there's Grace (Brooke Satchwell) and Carlos (Glenn McMillan) – she loves him but is he marriage material? And can their relationship withstand the interests of Grace's new work colleague Nick (Ewen Leslie) and Carlos' jealousy?

The lives of these 8 friends are in for a shake-up, with sizzling new love interests and old passions set to fire up F.A.T. night – and beyond. It's sexy, funny, unpredictable and irresistible - everything you've come to expect from the hit TV series, Wonderland.

Review: Honest, interesting and truly relatable; Wonderland produces the perfect combination of drama and romance mixed with pure entertainment to create the best series on Australian televisions.
-Brooke Hunter

Special Features
Behind the Scenes and Cast Interviews

Wonderland Series 2
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