Beauty Consultants Facial

Beauty Consultants Facial

Read about our beauty consultants trip to CLASSIC Beauty Salon in Toorak...

Having frequented countless salons for beauty treatments, CLASSIC Beauty Salon (in Toorak) immediately felt different...No bright lights or shelves lined with hundreds of beauty products to sell you. No clinical furniture and pretentious consultants but rather a softly lit environment and warm, rustic furniture with friendly welcoming faces. In my experience many beauty therapists make you feel like just another client, not an individual, but the proprietor, Sally-Anne, who has thirty years experience as a beauty therapist, made me feel totally unique and valued as a customer.

Sally-Anne has a sincere and caring nature and I felt more than comfortable to discuss my skin and lifestyle together with her. Her staff are constantly being further educated and the treatment and products used updated and the very best available.

At CLASSIC Beauty Salon I received more than a facial treatment, it truly was a complete body and soul experience. From the glorious wrap I wore to the heat pouch and lush blanket to snuggle under, I felt utterly pampered. My treatment was to be an Echo 2 O2 Therapy facial (See link below) which Sally-Anne delivered more than professionally. This revolutionary new skin treatment system is being raved about by many famous faces, including Uma Thurman, Naomi Campbell and Demi Moore just to name a few. The all natural treatment delivers pure oxygen to the lower levels of your skin, stimulating the production of healthy new skin cells and increasing the strength and suppleness of your skin. I loved the entire process! From the exfoliation, cleansing and hydration, that included a mask using 87 different vitamins and minerals, to the incredible cool and soothing blast of pure O2. The sensations were divine, I could feel my skin clearly being rejuvenated. Looking in the mirror at my skin immediately after the treatment I was shocked to see how tight, yet moist and glowing my skin appeared. Every pore had been nourished and not in many years (at least ten!) had my skin looked this good!

In addition to this purely physical treatment I also enjoyed the addition of products from the HERITAGE HEALERS range.(See link below) A holistic approach to skin care, this range which uses Australian wildflower essences and focuses not only on the well being of your skin but also the soul. The founder, Leanne Lovatt, developed this inspiring range with specialists over four years, based on the belief that beauty starts from within. The necessity to relax and be energised, to be able to look good on the outside we need to feel good on the inside. I was administered some drops of essence under the tongue and an exquisitely scented warm towel was draped upon my face. I thought to myself THIS IS HEAVEN! and how i needed this!

From the gloomy cold day outside I had been transported to a place that was all about me and my comfort. How true is it that we as women put everyone and everything before ourselves? We are last on our list and rarely, if ever, treat ourselves to time out for some much needed relaxation. Honestly to say I felt relaxed at CLASSIC Beauty Salon is not a strong enough description. More accurately I felt TRANSCENDED! To feel all stress and negative energies leaving my body was unexpected. As was the difference in how I felt and looked in only one hour. I would not have believed I would leave the salon feeling and looking immeasurably better than when I arrived.

CLASSIC Beauty Salon is not just interested in your skin but in you. To treat you as you deserve to be treated, to find out which treatments and products will make you look and feel incredible. I truly did feel incredible on leaving the salon. Sally-Anne was telling the truth when she told me I would feel taller walking out the door! I felt free of stress and tension, my skin glowing and revitalized. I felt that my needs mattered and were definately met by the highly professional and caring service at CLASSIC Beauty Salon, 482 Toorak Road, Toorak 3142. Telephone 03 9827 1291 for an appointment or email:

So how did my skin react?
Immediately following the facial treatment my skin felt firm and wonderfully hydrated, just amazing. The appearance was glowing and I swear younger looking! Now 12 hours later I keep looking at my skin and the immense improvement the treatment has made. My pores are considerably more refined, the texture smoother and the skin definately more youthful. I can only wonder with excitement how improved my skin will look after the recommended series of these incredibly effective treatments! I will keep you updated...

- Heidi Katsavos

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