Bosses the biggest bullies

A survey of 1,960 people by Australia?s leading recruitment and human resources firm, Talent2, reveals that 40% of Australians have been the victim of workplace bullying.

Laura Mabikafola of Talent2 says that 73% of respondents admitted that their bully was none other than their boss.

Those working in the public sector are the most likely to have experienced workplace bullying (48%), followed by HR (47%) and Legal (40%). 83% of those in the legal sector that have admitted to being the victim of bullying say that their boss was the perpetrator, the highest amongst all industries surveyed.

"The financial costs of workplace bullying are huge. If an employee is bullied they will be less productive, be inclined to take more time off work and can cause high level of staff turnover."

"It is interesting to note that Queensland and the ACT have the highest rates of bullying in the country (50%), followed by South Australia (41%), NSW (38%), WA (35%), Vic (33%) and Tasmania (20%)."

"Bullying at work is unacceptable in any form, physical, verbal or psychological. We all deserve to be able to go to work and expect to be treated in a reasonable manner, particularly by those employing us."