They're not lazy, they're just different

56% of Aussies think that Gen-X and Gen-Y are unfairly labelled as, "lazy" according to a survey by Talent2, Australia?s leading recruitment and human resources firm.

Despite the prevalent stereotypes 60% of people believe that Generation-X works just as hard as their Baby Boomer counterparts according to the 1, 960 respondents to the survey.

Not surprisingly 70% of those aged 18-24 say that the, "lazy" label is unfair, compared to 49% of those aged 55 or above. Generation-X are commonly perceived as lazy, overconfident and fickle.

Ms Danielle de Guara of Talent2 says that although there is an element of truth to any stereotype, it would be a mistake to lump all Gen-Xers into the same basket. Generation-X, like any other, is comprised of people from across the spectrum.

"Baby Boomers would be naive to think that Gen-X is lazy, they just have a different way of thinking. They see organisations as places to grow, not places to grow old."

"Organisations need to understand that members of Generation-X are looking for different things in life than Baby Boomers, and prefer to be managed in a different way. Organisations need to recognise this and in the future will need to change the way they deal with their people."

"Work-life balance, up-skilling, new challenges and avoiding micro-management are all techniques that will help to keep the turn-over of Gen-Xers to a minimum."