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Caribbean Coffee Chutney

Spice Up Christmas This Year

We all know that the typical Aussie Christmas is a far-cry from the snow-capped version of the festive season we see in the movies and hear about in Christmas carols.

Down Under we're much more likely to fire up the BBQ than roast chestnuts over an open fire, and when it's 30+ degrees outside, it's safe to say Jack Frost is the last thing nipping at our nose.

But despite the differences, Australians have done a bang-up job of creating our own festive traditions, particularly when it comes to food.

We've made Christmas our own with the epic seafood platter, deliciously fresh salads and yummy pavlova. But now it's time to have some fun and spice up some traditional favourites, drawing on the inspiration from a fellow tropical island nation, Jamaica.

Recipes courtesy of the Jamaica Blue Christmas menu.


500g x Brown onions – peeled and sliced

50g x Butter

1 tsp Salt

90ml x Espresso coffee – Jamaica Blue Signature blend preferred

200g x Brown sugar

1 tsp Ginger – crushed

300g Pineapple – crushed

150ml Orange juice

1 tbsp. Coriander – fresh and chopped

1 x Lime – zest and juice

½ tsp Chilli seeds

¼ tsp Allspice



Peel & slice onions.

Add butter to a large pan then add onions & salt. Cook onions on a low heat for approx. 20 minutes until soft, sweet & dark in colour.

Add espresso & brown sugar to the onions and continue to cook on low.

Add ginger, crushed pineapple (including juice) & orange juice to the mixture & continue to cook on a low simmer.

Next add the chopped coriander, chilli seeds and allspice to the mixture then continue to cook down to a thick and syrupy texture. Add the lime juice & zest then remove from heat & allow to cool for 15 minutes.

Place into a blender & process to a fine puree.

This chutney will last in the fridge up to four weeks.



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