CEDER'S Stinger

CEDER'S Stinger

CEDER's Wild Gin infused with lemon, Gomme syrup and mint to create a subtle blend of sweet and sour.

65ml CEDER'S Wild
10ml Lemon juice
5ml Gomme Syrup
12-14 Mint leaves

Shake all ingredients in ice, and strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a star anis or a mint leaf.

This cocktail will allow you to still get your fix whilst still promising zero alcohol.

Allowing you to still stick to your New Year, New You resolution – CEDER'S combines the traditional gin botanicals to create a classic gin taste – minus the alcohol. With more Australians beginning to limit their alcohol intake, CEDER'S offers a sophisticated alternative for those wanting to still stick to a healthy routine but not at the expense of their social lives…