Bostik Rocket

Bostik Rocket

The Bostik Rocket is a creative kid-friendly project for Father's Day. Studies show that fathers who spend plenty of quality bonding time with children positively effects early child development. Kids are encouraged to lead the way with dad's help through fun and interactive projects such as the Bostik's Rocketship.

How To Make A Bostik Rocket

You'll Need:
Printed Template
A4 Coloured card: Fins x1 Cone x1
A4 Coloured paper: Rocket Body x 1 (sheets)
Cardboard Roll (or paper towel roll, plastic wrap roll etc. cut to desired size)
Greylead pencil
Craft knife
Clag Kids PVA
Bostik Glitter Glue
Bostik Blu Stik
Bostik Glu Tape
Bostik Blu-Tack

Print the template and find a clean surface to work on. Make sure you have everything you need.
Cut a piece of coloured paper to the same height as the roll. Make sure it is long enough to wrap around the roll and overlap a little at the end. Use the Blu Stik and glue it to the roll. Ask a parent to cut four 2cm long slits (using the craft knife) at one end on the roll. The slits should be spaced evenly around the edge.
Blu-Tack the cone template to a piece of coloured paper. Cut around the template. Once cut out, remove the template and Blu-Tack. Do the same with the fins. Trace a 20 cent piece 3 times on some coloured card to create the windows. Cut out.
Tip: On the template the dashed lines are fold lines and the solid lines are to be cut out.
Align the slits on each fit and fit together. Then insert the fins into the slits at the bottom of the roll. Glue on the 3 windows with the Blu Stik. Apply Glu Tape to the tab on the cone, roll and attach to form a cone. Then put Clag Kids PVA along the top edge of the roll and place the cone on top. Leave to dry.
Decorate with Glitter Glue, then it's... 3... 2... 1.... BLAST OFF!