Frixion Set with Writing Pad



Get organised for exams and the new school year ahead, with the latest range of Frixion pens from Pilot, in fabulous bright colours. 


Featuring thermo-sensitive ink that disappears with friction, if you make a mistake, or change your mind, you can erase your work quickly and easily with the built-in eraser – then start again without a trace.


Frixion Pens are fun to use and come in a wide choice of colours and styles, including highlighers. 


Choose from across the range to make up your perfect pencil case this new school year:


  • Frixion Ball  - an erasable gel ink pen in nine colours - great for notes, handwriting, studying and general use, RRP $3.50
  • Frixion Clicker - a retractable erasable pen in a choice of seven colours, available in fine and extra fine.  Click the clip of the pen to retract, RRP $4.45
  • Frixion Point – an erasable needlepoint pen for ultra-fine writing - perfect for practising handwriting and craft, RRP $3.50
  • Frixion Light - a fantastic erasable highlighter in a choice of six colours - perfect for studying.  Highlight textbooks and notes, summarise key points, then rub it out without a trace, RRP $3.05
  • Frixion Colors - fabulous erasable felt tip markers in a choice of ten fun colours.  Colour, draw, craft and create and if you make a mistake, rub it out and start again, RRP $2.99
  • Frixion 3 in 1 – this clever pen features three erasable ink colours, black, blue and red in one sleek barrel and is available in a choice of pink, green or blue barrel colours.  RRP $9.95.  Also available in a Metal Barrel, RRP $24.50  and Wood Barrel, RRP: $31.45


For further information about Frixion, visit:


* Featured: Frixion Set with Writing Pad


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