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JoJo Bow & Glimmies

Funtastic Christmas Favourites


JoJo Bow

Be bright, bold and beautiful, just like JoJo! 14-year-old American dancer, singer, actress and YouTuber JoJo Siwa is a social media phenomenon! Bows are JoJo's signature accessory.

JoJo has reinvented the 80s bow trend, making it more than just a hair accessory - it's a symbol of confidence and being proud in your own skin. Jojo's own range of oversized bows are available in a variety of vibrant colours and designs, they're the ultimate collectible, fashion item for girls and tweens.

Bow range includes: JoJo Siwa Large Polka Dot Bows; JoJo Siwa Large Plain Bows; JoJo Siwa Large Rhinestone Bows; JoJo Siwa Large Signature Bows; JoJo Siwa Large Unicorn Bows; JoJo Siwa 7 Days of the Week Bows; JoJo Siwa Deluxe Large Rhinestone Bows; JoJo Siwa Deluxe Large Sequin Bows. Prices range from RRP $10.00 - $20.00.





Glimmies is a collection of fairies, sent by the moon to take care of the 'Glimmieswood" forest animals. This is why Glimmies have cute resemblances to forest animals and love endless adventures in the name of friendship. During the dark, Glimmies magically light up the wood shinning bright, creating a beautiful and magical light like a firefly.

Glimmies always shine bright at night and hide their light, but in the dark or held in a cupped hand, they will reveal their beautiful glow to their human friends.

Glimmes are a collection of dolls, 6cm high, each with their own distinctive colours and facial expressions. There are 23 characters to collect. Glimmies Glimtern and Glimhouse accessories are also available.

Glimmies design and colour may vary by store. They are available at Toys R Us, Mr Toys, Toyworld and Big W. Prices range from RRP $6.99 - $24.99.


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