Lonely Planet Food: The World's Best Superfoods

Lonely Planet Food: The World's Best Superfoods

Lonely Planet Food: The World's Best Superfoods

Discover 66 health-boosting and tasty recipes from cultures around the globe with Lonely Planet Food's The World's Best Superfoods, published this March.


The new book is divided into seven chapters:
Seeds & Nuts
Grains & Cereals
Fish & Meat
Other -Superfriends' (superfoods that didn't fall neatly into the previous categories, but are too important to ignore).


45 destinations are represented, with recipes to boost your health and wellbeing sourced from Australia (Cacao, almond & cashew bliss balls; Kakadu plum sauce; Quandong pie; Smashed avocado; Wattleseed, lemon myrtle & bush tomato muffins) to Vietnam (Pho); from Iran (Ranginak) to New Zealand (Cacao, almond & cashew bliss balls; Spirulina smoothie).


The superfoods in each recipe are highlighted in the ingredients list. The potential health benefits that have been associated with these superfoods are noted with icons at the top of each entry to indicate:

Immune System


This is the fifth release in Lonely Planet Food's The World's Best… series of food & drink books, following The World's Best Street Food (2012), The World's Best Spicy Food (2014), The World's Best Brunches (2015) and The World's Best Drinks (2016).  To coincide with the March publication of The World's Best SuperfoodsLonely Planet Food has repurposed The World's Best Spicy Food in a stylish and practical mini-format.


Lonely Planet Food: The World's Best Superfoods

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