Miranda Barber My Tomorrow

Miranda Barber My Tomorrow
Miranda Barber My Tomorrow
The tracks are honest, gutsy & emotive, recorded acoustically at home over four days on an old upright piano. Miranda's vocals & piano are recorded live, complemented by double bass, acoustic guitar & some rat-tat-tat.

Miranda is a storyteller & a soul-searcher, harking from the sun-kissed bays of Melbourne. In 1990 she was diagnosed with a paralysed vocal chord & told she would never sing agan, but her determination to create music & her love of performing prevailed. Her approach to lyrics is sometimes explicitly autobiographica, contrasted beautifully with her ability to tell a great story. This makes for a curious mix of the real, the romantic & the quirky.

Track Listings:
Blue Days
My Tomorrow
My roof has got a hole in it
Paprika Haze
Too damn hard
No air to breathe

Miranda's songs are honest, gutsy and emotive. She is a storyteller and a soul-searcher, driven by a stunningly powerful voice - soulful, husky and sultry, it dips and slides like honey.

She harks from the sun and sand kissed bays of the Mornington Peninsula, a stone's throw from Melbourne, Australia. In 1999 she came to the thick of London's feisty east, which has been her home for the past eight years. Here she discovered a world of madness on the theatre and music scene and since then has been thrashing about in it, for the instant pleasure of it, and because she can't think of anything else she'd rather be doing which also affords her the right to say what she likes!

In London, Miranda has got her fingers wet here and there, collaborating on live and recording projects with various producers and artists including Dave Dix, Sam Semple, Charlie Winston, Tom Baxter, Max Greenwood, Vashti Gleave, Vonnie Debrett and Raison D'Etre. Initially, performing solo on piano around the London live music circuit, she was soon joined by Barber, the band which took her music on a journey and Miranda on a whirlwind of discovery in terms of songwriting style. She has since gone solo again and has recently recorded her latest EP, My Tomorrow, recorded at home, with the contributions of some phenomenally talented musicians.

"I'm in love with a bloody good song, in telling a story and hearing them told well and exploring the voice that tells them. I'm into all the cracks, the gurgles, the lip smackings and the sounds of experience behind a voice delivering the news.

From the moment I could read music, my parents would come home from work with songs for me to play. My early influences are Cleo Lane, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Roberta Flack. These women don't just sing, they interpret. Their voices can do anything, but the magic is in their restraint. They epitomise cool. Etta James rocks out dirty, Joni Mitchel is a genius, Cat Stevens got me through uni and Tom Waits is an ocean of inspiration. I identify with Joni Mitchel most as a songwriter and vocalist. For me, her songwriting and vocal expression is un-matched. More recently I've become hooked on Devendra Banhart, Jolie Holland and John Martyn. I admire songwriters and performers who experiment and who can write and exist outside their usual frame of reference. I think you have to look outside your own lunchbox to see what's going on in the world, take a bit of interest, ask questions, have some stake in it. It's easy to get caught up in your own stuff. I am also a voracious reader and traveller. I love to devour language and different cultures."

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