Old Head on Young Shoulders

Old Head on Young Shoulders

Accumulating Wealth - The Tools You Need to Start Building Yours in 16 Simple-to-Follow Chapters

Charles Badenach's Old Head on Young Shoulders is a timely financial self help guide that specifically targets young Australians who desire financial success.

Badenach's book comprises 16 chapters; exploring key areas that will inspire readers to achieve their financial goals through the implementation of sound advice and wealth habit building. It is an informative, well-paced read that refreshingly doesn't lose momentum through use of heavy jargon.

Charles Badenach is a 5th generation Tasmanian who resides in his home state with his wife and three children. Formerly a lawyer, Charles's successful transition to the financial services industry ten years ago, has enabled him to build a career based on assisting clients to achieve their financial and personal goals. He is a regular speaker at professional and community-based forums and is nationally recognised for his ability to talk about financial concepts in a practical and accessible way.

Old Head on Young Shoulders
A&A Book Publishing
Author: Charles Badenach
Price: $29.99



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