WORD - Turned off the annoying automatic features

WORD - Turned off the annoying automatic features

Well she's got all the answers!!!


Well a huge virtual hello Femailers! I'm thrilled to be creating these words for you to read, and I hope you get as much fun out of discovering my shortcuts, hints and tips as I do using them every day!!!

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WORD - Have you ever... turned off the annoying automatic features?

You're typing away and Word just seems to take over - if it's not the annoying Paper Clip man, it's automatic bullets or numbers. Well, be annoyed no more.

  • Turn CLIPIT off - next time you see him, RIGHT MOUSE CLICK on him and choose Options. Turn off 'Use the Office Assistant' and click OK.

  • Turn off automatic bullets and numbers by going to the Tools menu and choosing Autocorrect Options. Along the top, choose 'Autoformat as you Type' and take the ticks out of the 'automatic bulleted lists' and 'automatic numbered lists' boxes then click OK.Expand the entire menu.
    Do you often want to view all of the functions on a menu in Word or Excel, but get frustrated that you have to click once to view the shortened menu, then a 2nd time on the down arrows at the bottom to expand the menu?

    Try DOUBLE CLICKING the menu heading next time and it will expand fully first go.

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