Windows Trick

Windows Trick

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Those of you with a little 'activist' in you will highly appreciate the fantastic site at Put together by journalist and previous political staffer, Stephen Mayne - the site is the starting point for a subscription to the daily email newsletter that Stephen (aka Crikey) writes.

Here's part of their philosophy: "Crikey will point out theft, corruption, deception and collusion whenever and where it can. It is our self-appointed task to take a long thin spike to the bloated egos of political, media and corporate Australia..." Enjoy!

Windows Trick (sorry Mac users!)

Have you ever RIGHT MOUSE CLICKED on your Desktop? No?

Right mouse clicking on the Windows desktop brings up a shortcut menu that helps you to do all sorts of things, like create shortcut icons, or go into 'Properties' to change your Screen Saver or other settings.

F5'ing out...
(In Internet Explorer, F5 will Refresh the Page. In Outlook and Outlook Express, F5 will do a 'Send/Receive'.)


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