Pixel Chix Babysitter

Pixel Chix Babysitter
Look out - there's a 2D baby set to disrupt Pixel's 3D world!

Pixel, everyone's favourite sassy 2D girl, just got a new job! With Pixel Chix™ Babysitter, the latest addition to the 3D world of Pixel Chix™, girls help Pixel take care of her neighbour's baby to earn money, privileges and secret codes to unlock games online.

The online integration with the Pixel Chix™ website - www.pixelchix.com - adds a new dimension of play to Pixel Chix™ Babysitter. The more girls play, the more secret codes they will discover that can be used online to unveil a whole host of surprises.

Following in the footsteps of Pixel Pets™ released earlier this year, Mattel have recognised that girls are spending an increasing amount of time online and have incorporated these findings in the development of the new Pixel Chix™ Babysitter.

Director of Marketing, Mattel Australia and New Zealand, Julie Kearns says, "Pixel Chix™ Babysitter delivers an integrated play experience that allows girls to uncover a whole new world of fun online, which in turn unlocks more exciting games to play while babysitting. Pixel Chix™ Babysitter fuses online play with traditional individual play and can be connected to other Pixel Chix™ products".

With four rooms in the house - living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom - girls must help Pixel navigate by turning the knob to switch between rooms. They'll have to be quick to help her catch this cheeky baby!

Is the baby hungry, does she need to be changed or is it time to play hide and seek? The lights and sounds of the baby monitor will let Pixel know when trouble's brewing in another room.Baby loves to play dress-ups and help Pixel drum up great meals in the kitchen! Be careful Pixel doesn't turn her back in the bathroom as the little squirt loves to splash around and play with water!

Have fun and earn money taking care of an adorable baby. But watch out - she may stir up trouble at home. Play games, feed, change and chase her. Then buy secret codes that unlock cool stuff online.Call a handyman if the baby breaks something. Order pizza, take cute pictures, play games & rotate between four rooms.

Pixel Chix™ Babysitter can also be connected to other Pixel Chix™ products such as car, mall or pets for twice as much fun and is available from all good retailers nationally for AUD $59.95 and NZ $69.95.

Pixel Chix™ Babysitter has two house colours available: yellow or teal.

Rumour has it that there are some new girls coming to town late 2007! These sassy girls are bound to cause a stir so stay tuned for some new additions to the Pixel Chix™ world later this year.

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