Rush Tattoo Yourself in Gold

Rush Tattoo Yourself in Gold

DIY Celebrity Style - Tattoo Yourself with Gold

Tattoos are the body decoration du jour with celebrities including Oscars nominee Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, and Megan Fox all seen sporting ink on the red carpet, but a new Australian-designed jewellery range is set to tattoo A-listers, not with ink, but with pure gold.

Bejewel yourself like an Academy Award starlet with this Australian first, RUSH Tattoo - 9 carat gold reusable tattoos, versatile body jewels that you simply stick on for instant appeal.

Adorn yourself in a way that allows you to accentuate your best feature - be it decolletage, back, nape of your neck, your arms. And the best part? No piercing or ink required.

A glamorous alternative to the permanent variety of tattoo, the just-launched RUSH Tattoo is ideal for a gala evening event, that first date, or just to add a touch of star-quality to your Friday night out.

This innovative product is designed for direct application to the skin, and gives you unprecedented freedom, with body decoration options that are limited only by your imagination.

RUSH Tattoo comes in 11 chic designs with heart, star, embellished disc, moon, sun, teardrop, butterfly, Aztec, lips, and snake designs available and recommended retail prices starting from $99.

RUSH Tattoo jewels are applied with the ease of touch, simply press on, and celebrity style is yours for the night. RUSH Tattoos can be re-applied infinitely, with an easy-to-use refillable double-sided adhesive.

Wear one jewel to add a highlight, or group multiple jewels together for maximum impact. Durable enough to last all night, yet easy to remove, there will be no ?morning-after? regrets with a RUSH Tattoo.

How to RUSH Tattoo:
Clean and dry the area you wish to apply the RUSH Tattoo jewel
Gently peel the shiny side of the adhesive cover strip and press firmly onto the RUSH Tattoo
Remove the remaining matt cover strip, taking care to avoid touching the exposed adhesive
Apply firmly to the skin
RUSH Tattoo can be applied to the skin over and over with the use of fresh adhesive

Review: Show your creative flare with a Rush Tattoo, beautifully crafted, and re-useable, makes a great individual accessory.

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About RUSH:
Australian-designed, and inspired by the complex and captivating qualities of all women, RUSH features the femininity of gold jewellery set with sparkling white and black diamonds.

The new range of jewellery delivers affordable luxury to the Australian market, with a collection that includes rings, necklaces, earrings, and the innovative RUSH Tattoo - pure gold stick-on jewels.

Combining fine craftsmanship and delicate detailing highlighted with brilliant-cut diamonds, RUSH offers the richness and warmth of yellow gold and the cool sophistication of white gold.