An Important Lesson in Love

An Important Lesson in Love

An Important Lesson in Love

Let me explain the concept of 'love at first sight." You're going about your business, whatever that may be, when suddenly, you see something from afar. It's like a dramatic zoom in a film; and you feel your eyes literally hone in and your heart begins to think it would be a good idea to jump out of your chest. The palms go sweaty, the mouth goes dry, and then you realise that cupid's big heart-shaped arrow hit you in the back like a ton of bricks. And you think to yourself,
I have to have you.

I can't live without you! My life would be meaningless without you! You'd make me a better person, and I refuse to go home without at least getting your number!

So you shakily walk right up to them, and hold out your hand. You fumble a bit, blush a tad, but then you've finally got that little piece of paper with those magical digits, hoping, hoping, to make them yours. You glance down and your heart sinks. Because you've just realised,
I would never be able to afford you.

So you turn to leave, call out an awkward, 'thank you", and walk out brokenhearted.

Did you realise I was talking about an item of clothing this whole time? Because if you didn't, go back and read it again!

Ah, see? Yes, we've all had the boys (or the girls) that we pretty much dropped dead for on sight, but how many of those could you actually accessorise with?

Back to the point. This has actually happened to me, and I left the store a dejected mess. I was just walking past, without a care in the world, when something gorgeous caught my eye. My knees were buckling. My head was spinning. I may even have drooled a little bit. This is what I saw.

My god, I wanted it bad.

Not only would it match my gypsy cardigan and my Aztec print shoulder bag, but I knew that it had the ability to wrap me up, keep me warm and make me feel loved. Or, lovely, at the very least. But as I reached for this scarf's price tag, my dream of this beautiful partnership was dashed. Cut into ribbons before my very eyes. Because in every love story, there is a villain. And in this tale, that conniving bad guy was,
My wallet.

Its gaping empty contents looked like a mocking grin. I was thwarted, and walked home empty handed.

Now, if this was an actual relationship between your friend and some handsome stranger, you would tell them to get off their mopey butt and chase them, wouldn't you?

I walked past this store multiple times, pining for what seemed like something I'd never have. The outfits that would never be! The warm touch that would never caress my neck!

After the fifth day of walking past, I came to a conclusion. As I still loved this scarf after such a long time, it was pretty much guaranteed that I wouldn't get sick of it, ever. And what better quality is there in a relationship than everlasting love? Even if it was for a scarf?

I decided then and there, that leaving behind something I loved when it made me happy, even if my head told me not to, my heart was saying, stop being so absolutely ridiculous.

And with the last scarf left in stock, I skipped all the way home (the skipping part may be a lie, although it probably isn't).

The moral of the story? If you fall for a scarf, sock, dress, necklace, shirt, pant, boy, girl, man, woman, and can't stop falling for them, just go and nab them, before somebody else does. I nearly missed my chance to be wrapped in scarfy goodness. Don't let it happen to you.

- By Jessica Lyons
Scarf from Koko Ribbon Boutique, Black Rock


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