Cadillac Love Collection

Cadillac Love Collection

Cadillac Love Collection

Cadillac Love was inspired by the head turning fastidious style of the 1950's Teddy Girls. These women rebelled against societies stringent expectations, trade marking themselves with home made garments and semi androgynous quiffs. Teddy Girls rejected the -expected' and helped create a youth subculture; paving the way for many successful haute-couture fashion lines. I have taken the essence of these women and their comment on society and created beautiful, powerful and intelligent hair images. Cadillac Love and the shapes I have created embrace women and their individual strengths.

BIBA Academy Artist Director & Head Educator As Artistic Director for BIBA Academy; an iconic Australian hairdressing institution that has guided the industry for more than 35 years, Lyndal Salmon is a driving force; inspiring our next generation of hairstylists to strive for excellence in design and cutting precision.

Lyndal plays an integral part in every Australian design award; as teacher, role model and facilitator. Her students have been awarded with a myriad of prizes and recognition from notable Australian organisations including L'Oreal, Wella, Lakme, Hair Expo, American Crew, IHS and HBIA. This is due to Lyndal's tireless commitment to her students and passionate approach that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to building their career and experience. She has toured both nationally and internationally as a mentor and facilitator for Wella, Lakme and Goldwell and acted as an Ambassador for L'Oreal. Along with honing her skills at the famous Vidal Sassoon Academy in London, Lyndal has travelled the globe thrilling audiences with her fresh and energetic take on Australian Hairdressing.

As leader and Artistic Director of BIBA's famous Academies Lyndal has developed countless educational programs and embraces all opportunities to bring new , exciting and varied experiences to allow students to grow and realise their fullest potential.

Again the recipient of the HBIA Educator of the Year award for 2011, Lyndal Salmon lives the values of a true educator who derives the most pleasure from helping others achieve their dreams.

She has led the drive for BIBA's involvement in many community and charity events and personally created and organised two major fundraisers incorporating students and other salon networks. '50 Years of Hair and Beyond' showcased spectacular hair styles over the decades and was to raise funds for flood victims. -Catwalk for a CAUSE' brought the hairdressing community together in an extravagant hair show in aid of women suffering hair loss as a result of cancer treatment.

How did Lyndal go from student to educator of our future stylists?
I was always putting my hand up for any opportunity to help out at shows, photo shoots, competitions; anything that would allow me to do what I loved – to learn and experience the joy of creating and revelling in something that I not only adored but I was actually good at.

I knew I could also use the skills I'd learnt at university and apply them to something that was tangible and real. Let's just say my hair ups had extremely solid foundations!

I graduated and was offered a full time job at Clifton Hill BIBA. I loved the Academy, the fresh ideas, the hopeful and passionate idealists who I helped mould; so when a junior teaching position became available at the Academy, I was there… with cathedral bells on.

From the mannequin rooms I worked my way to the floor, then became the Manager at Swanston Street Academy and now I'm Artistic Director of both Academies and a regular at Vidal Sassoon's in London. It has been an amazing journey. In the last nine years I have been up before my alarm and excited to go to work everyday. I'm a true testament to the motto – -Education is about the Journey not the Destination' - a philosophy that BIBA holds close.

I love beautiful hair; clean, strong lines with a wearable edge enhancing and embracing peoples natural texture (absolutely no princess blow-dries J). I believe the key to amazing work is a solid understanding of classic techniques whilst layering that knowledge with your own finesse and flair to compliment the authenticity and beauty of our client or -friend' or -family member' - as at BIBA we know so much about our clients, we care for them like our family – and they know it.

There are many people who guide me at BIBA. You cannot learn unless you're working with the best. Our Creative Director, Frank Apostolopoulos really is my rock in terms industry leaders. I think he is pushing the envelope and pushing hair images beyond the realms of our hair magazines.

And the future for Lyndal?
Basically I ride the -Hair Wave' wherever it takes me. I'm very very busy because I love what I do and choose to be. I'm a firm believer that -you get what you give' and success is built on hard work, dedication and good taste.


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