How to Tie a Bow Tie

How to Tie a Bow Tie

How to Tie a Bow Tie

There are 118,756 weddings in Australia every year and the common conundrum and most questioned in online searches by men (according to Yahoo) is how do I tie a tie? Leading men's website has solved this challenge.

The bow tie in particular poses a difficulty for many men given that its services are employed on rare occasion – including weddings and the stylish preference for this year's Spring Racing Carnival. Simply put, tying a bow tie 'is not dissimilar to tying shoelaces" according to Essential Groom editor Matthew Paroz.

There is never an excuse to wear a clip-on bow tie with the step-by-step guide provided by Essential Groom to answer the question most troubling men around the world…

Step-by-step Guide to Tying a Bow Tie
1.Make one end longer than the other (the longer the length the larger the bow).
2.Cross the longer end and fold over shorter end.
3.Pull longer end over and under to create a knot.
4.Form shorter end into a bow and cinch knot.
5.Bring the higher side down over the centre of the bow to form a knot.
6.Fold forward to snap bow shut and pull down on centerpiece.
7.Feed remaining length back through exposed hole using base of length to push through first.
8.Pull both ends to gently tighten.

A bow tie evokes class and elegance and should always be made of good quality fabrics such as silk, cotton or wool. 'A synthetic tie doesn't have the elegance befitting of a bow tie," says Paroz.

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