The Open Window

The Open Window

The Open Window

The world's newest exclusive and exotic online jewellery sensation, The Open Window is now live.

An online gallery stocking a captivating selection of the world's most original and exquisite jewellery, The Open Window provides artisans around the world an avenue to showcase their pieces to a wider audience than any retail gallery.

Images of its first Open Window collections that capture the original essence and the delicate beauty of each piece were lovingly produced by two of Australian fashion's great teams; hair styling genius Frank Apostolopoulos and renowned fashion photographer Andrew O'Toole.

The duo has created some of Australian beauty and fashions coolest and edgiest new looks; from the global Fudge and Paul Mitchell campaigns to the 2010/11 L'Oreal Professionnel Color Trophy winning look and the recent seductively raw and sensual Ellery campaign.

'We want the website to be not only a store but a place where people can come and browse and be inspired by the imagery." - Open Window co founder Rachael Hart

'Our inspiration for the shoot was Paolo Reversi – Lavish, luxurious and artistic yet with a raw edge to embrace the uniqueness and pure creation of art that is moulded to become jewellery.
Andrew worked with beautiful natural lighting that brought a sensuality and pure exposure to the shoot which only enhanced the artisans work to make this campaign visually inspiring." - Frank Apostolopoulos

One of Australia's newest model sensations, Sarah Tarrant Kuang's original and natural look fitted the theme for the campaign.

'We chose to create something fresh and unconventional. We focused on Sarah's unique beauty and features to evoke a sense of raw glamour. Amberlie imbues the campaign with a supermodel magnetism so we were careful not to over do her shots and keep them simple and organic.
The jewellery was exposed against the texture of skin and strong natural features; certainly not your typical jewellery shoot." - Andrew O'Toole

'On the day of the shoot we worked pretty organically, which is really nice and how I like to work. If something is not working you don't get hung up, change things and move one, its nice to be able to have a team that also enjoys working this way! The team was amazing we are very lucky to have been able to work with them."- Open Window co founder, Nicole Caras

An array of designers makes for a varied range however there is a common theme of delicacy. Each piece shows intricate craftsmanship and innovation. The bold and sensuous images do their exquisite work justice.

Frank Apostolopoulos' Style Tips on How to Create the Looks
On the shorter hair, I worked with gel to create something quite wet and summer looking that is both fresh yet textured in appearance.
I varied the longer hair looks from slick and clean to some dryer looks that were treated with sea salt spray before I dried the hair to create quite an airy and free falling look the moved with a lot of texture once touched by the wind.
I created a deconstructed French roll which worked beautifully with Joanie Lawson's brooch that featured as a hair piece.


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