The Good Health and Beauty Show

  • Where: Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre, Sydney
  • When: July 16 to July 18 2004
  • Start time: 9:00 am
  • Finish time: 5:00 pm

    The Show aims to create greater awareness of general and specific health and beauty issues, to de-bug the 'no pain no gain' message and to serve to educate customers on how they can make positive and real impacts on their own health and beauty outcome, learning from experts on a one to one basis.

    It is the only show of it's kind in Australia, and is supported by The Pharmacy Guild of Australia. The Guild believes there is no doubt that governments, affiliated health organisations and industry sectors can continue to make significant impact on health outcomes through correctly targeted promotion programs.

    The show will have consumer seminars, question and answer segments and will be supported by a number of professional bodies and patient groups, presenting information on a variety of illnesses.

    For further information
    Contact: Roslyn Irons
    Pharmacy Guild of Australia (NSW Branch)
    Phone: 02 9966 8377

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