Lose Love Handles

Lose Love Handles

Three Exercises to Lose Those Unlovely Love Handles

The fat that looks like tires around your waist, also known as love handles, can be annoying. Despite having such a nice name, there is nothing great about them. And while love handles may seem like your regular exercise will help you get rid of them, they are quite difficult to lose.

Often, women will get rid of love handles easily than men. But this does not mean men cannot shed off that unsightly fat deposit around their waist.

Although it's impossible to lose weight on specific parts of the body with targeted exercises, you can make those areas stronger, and once you lose your overall body weight, you will be more toned. Ultimately, ridding yourself of love handles all comes down to clean eating and regular exercise.

Bearing this in mind, you can add these three exercises to help lose those unlovely love handles.

Triangle pose
Simply twisting and turning will greatly help you in getting rid of love handles. To correctly perform this stretch, stand with both legs and shoulders wide apart. Ensure they are comfortably stretched, not too wide. Then stretch on both of your sides. Breathe in and gradually bend your body on the side and reach your left toe with the left hand. The right hand should be up in the air, stretching upwards. Ensure the left and right hand make a straight line, right from the ground. Your neck should always remain on the left side. Gently move back to an upright position and repeat the same moves on the other side.

Standing oblique side bends
Stand straight up with both feet wide at hip-width with your hands on either side. Keep your shoulders and chest up, then contract the abs by sucking your belly button towards the spine. Now move your waist to the right and try to reach down the furthest you can without budging your hips. Stop for a moment at the bottom. Then gently get back upright to your starting position. While doing this, use your ab muscles. Do repeats of 10 on each side. You can incorporate weights with the hand that you will be reaching with.

Crab kick
Here is another exercise to lose those unlovely love handles. Sit on your gym mat and bend your knees. Your feet should remain together, and your hands behind the back with your fingers facing the back. Next, gently push the hips upward and lift your right leg like you are kicking an imaginary object. Switch the legs and continue kicking. Ensure the hips never touch the mat while you exercise. Repeat on each side 3-4 times.

Apart from doing the above three exercises, ensure you remain active and eat a well-balanced diet. You don't need to focus too much to get rid of the love handles. The most important thing is being consistent in your exercise routine and watching what you eat. For some people, the fat around their waist will go away much faster, while it may take a little longer for others.


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