BodyPlusTape Strapping Tape

BodyPlusTape Strapping Tape
Be prepared with these strapping tape options to help you move better through your day, whether it's at the gym, bushwalking or sport.


BodyPlus Hypoallergenic Undertape

Hypoallergenic, adhering undertape can be used under rigid strapping to reduce irritation and assist in adhesion. Pre-cut squares can be used in friction prone areas to prevent pinching, chafing and blistering.

BodyPlus Multipurpose Elastic Adhesive Tape

Strength and flexibility incorporated in a lightweight, latex free, elastic adhesive bandage. Provides strong elastic support of joints during high stress activity and can be used for compression and support of joints and muscles. Ideal for overwrapping rigid sports tape for additional support.


BodyPlus Rigid Strapping Tape

All purpose, rigid strapping tape can be used to increase joint awareness (proprioception), prevention and treatment of injuries. It helps to minimize excessive movement and promotes recovery.

BodyPlus K-Tape 

Both preventative and therapeutic, K-Tape is designed to be breathable while lasting up to 5 days with its gentle acrylic adhesive. Unlike white medical or athletic tape, kinesiology tape lets you move normally. 


Here are some features to look for in a strapping tape:


●      Highly flexible for 'pinch-free' wrapping

●      Hand-tearable for quick application

●      2 way stretch to move with surface of skin

●      Porous fabric for breathable and wicking

●      Perforated and free from backing paper for easy application


BodyPlus strapping tape



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