Webbed Feat of the week - Golf & Photography

Webbed Feat of the week - Golf & Photography

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Webbed Feat of the week - Golf
1300 Ttimes is a web booking system for Australian Golf courses.

You jump online, find your golf course and make and pay for a booking, live - 24 hours a day.

The site lists the rules and regulations for each participating golf course and also the list of facilities and extras for hire.The same booking system is also available by voice response over the phone by calling 1300 884 637, but you have to be registered via the website first.
Visit 1300 Ttimes

Webbed Feat of the Week - Photography
The photography website I featured last month was so popular http://www.buy-n-shoot.com that I thought I'd stick with the theme this month.

Hary and Anita have a great service at Pixel Restorations that does photo restoration and collages. The latter is especially great for wedding or family shots and is best described by checking out the site for examples.

Hary can take a person out of a photograph, put one in, change the background, remove a scratch or tear and much more. Have a squizz!
Visit Pixel Restorations

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